#1 reason I would make a terrible communist: I go through at least 5 pounds of sugar a month.  Just by myself, and my baking, and cajeta experiments.  And as my mother says “American sugar just doesn’t make good caramel!”  My mother is always right.  And she knows it.

Mexican pastries require lard.  And occasionally they require a hammer.  How else does one break up those magical brown sugar cones known as piloncillo?  Boiled down sugar cane syrup tasting of caramel, and a slight metallic tang, this is about as pure and natural as sugar gets.  And lard?  Well, I would rather have a pure snow white block of rendered pork fat in front of me than any hydrogenated vegetable oil or even expensive French butter.  Combine flour, lard and piloncillo, make a tortilla sammich, bake.  Coyotas, the taste of my childhood and not found outside of the state of Sonora.  Why did it take me so long to make these?

Ginger lime cochitos. A simple cookie-bread combo. So simple, the recipe took 3 attempts to fully develop. So tasty I ate 3 palm sized piggies. Once I start to make many, I won’t want to eat them again.